Mailman’s clever idea makes this lovely dog happy every day

It’s often said that dogs and mail carriers don’t have the best of relationships.

And even if that’s true, it doesn’t have to be that way, right?

Postman Martin Studer found a way to win over golden retriever Pippa, and now they’re the best of friends.

Every morning when Martin arrives to deliver the mail in Brisbane, Australia, Pippa is right there, happily waiting for him.

Martin Studer / Facebook

The golden retriever’s favorite thing to do is make sure her mom and dad get the mail personally delivered every day. So when Martin, the neighborhood arrives, she’s always ready for him to pass her the day’s mail.

Bildkälla: Martin Studer (Facebook)

But unfortunately, Pippa’s mom and dad don’t actually get mail every day. And this makes Martin feel a little sad, because he doesn’t want disappoint Pippa and leave her without a job to do.

So Martin came up with a brilliant solution. When there’s no mail for Pippa’s family, he improvises and writes his own letters. And obviously, he labels them “Mail for Pippa.”

Martin Studer / Facebook

For Pippa, it’s not about what’s in the letters though, it’s the thought that counts!

Martin Studer / Facebook

What a great idea! This simple gesture keeps Pippa happy, and ensures she can happily deliver the mail to her mom and dad every day!

Martin Studer / Facebook

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