Mama dog was abandoned when she had puppies – watch her reaction when they reunite

A mother’s instinct is strong, whether the mom is human or animal.

That’s why I was so happy when I heard the story of this little dog Asha.

Her owner abandoned her just as she was going into labor. Her fur was long and mangled and she couldn’t even breastfeed her puppies after they were born.

Without Asha being able to give her puppies the nourishment they needed, the worst would have happened. But then some real animal lovers came to her side and made sure she’d be able to be the mom that she was meant to be.

When pregnant dog Asha went into labor, her owner abandoned her at a Los Angeles animal shelter.

Image Source: YouTube/Bill FoundationDog

Asha’s long, mangled fur made it impossible to breastfeed her puppies and give them the nutrition they needed to become healthy and strong. The situation was dire and the shelter didn’t know what to do.

Image Source: YouTube/Bill FoundationDog

Until some animal lovers from the Bill Foundation, which takes care of abandoned dogs, came to the rescue.

They took Asha and the puppies to the vet.

The first thing they did was to shave off all of Asha’s extra fur and clean her up so she could breastfeed her puppies.

Image Source: YouTube/Bill FoundationDog

After the haircut, Asha was reunited with her puppies.

They began breastfeeding and their mother seemed overjoyed to finally be able to nurse them properly.

Image Source: YouTube/Bill FoundationDog

Asha and her puppies shared good times together until they found forever homes. I hope they are all doing well today!

Image Source: YouTube/Bill FoundationDog

Watch the video below to see when Asha was reunited with her puppies. And check out how her puppies grew and became real sweethearts. The end makes me so happy and grateful to all the fine mama dogs and animal lovers out there.

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