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Man dies and his dog is left behind – then a stranger sees something move under a shed

Every dog owner knows how happy their furry friend is to see them come home. They jump up and down, wag their tail, and give you kisses—even if you’ve only been gone an hour or two.

And each time you leave home, you dog faithfully waits for you while we’re gone—even if you never come back.

This is the story of what happened when the owner of a dog named Woody died. Woody’s owner surely loved him, but the old man’s family didn’t.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending—and I’m really grateful to the heroes that made it turn out that way!

When Woody’s owner died, the man’s family sold the house where he and Woody lived.

But they had no love for the lovely poodle and left him to find his own fate.

Image Source: YouTube

Not understanding that his beloved owner would never return, Woody spent a year waiting under a nearby shed.

Luckily, some kind neighbors noticed him. They put out food and water for Woody every day while they tried to find someone who could save him.

Image Source: YouTube

Finally, the animal rescue organization Hope for Paws heard about Woody. They found Woody’s hiding spot and after building up some trust, they were able to gently lead Woody out.

Image Source: YouTube

And for the first time in a long time, Woody felt love again.

Image Source: YouTube

Hope for Paws gave Woody a checkup and shaved off his matted fur.

A member of the organization agreed to foster Woody, so he could get the love and care he needed while he waited for a new forever home.

And when Woody’s story hit the internet, offers to take him in flooded in.

Watch Woody’s rescue and transformation here:

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