Man Saved Baby Moose From Freezing Rivulet. Watch Video From The Rescue Here.

36-year-old Jan-Erik Berglund from Sweden was out walking in the forest when he suddenly saw something in a rivulet. First he didn’t think it was a moose, but after a closer look he saw a helpless baby moose in the freezing cold rivulet. Jan-Erik is used to being in the forest. Hunting and working. But he had never seen anything like this. He realized the baby moose was in great danger and decided to do something heroic. He positioned his camera so he could record the historical moment and went down in the freezing rivulet. At first, the moose was scared and contrary, but Jan-Erik was relentless on saving the animals life. And the rescue mission succeeded! He later posted his video on Vimeo. After some days, thousands of people have watched it and Swedish newspapers praised Jan-Erik as a hero. Down below you can watch the rescue. Wonderful that all was well in the end! What a hero he is!