Man sees dogs sold as food on the street — then acts quickly

Xingyi Danielle is a Singaporean whose dad is stationed in China for work. Like other children of fathers who live in another country, she keeps in close contact with her dad. But last month, her dad told her a story that moved her so much, she decided to write about it on Twitter.

Danielle’s dad was walking down an alley on his way to get dinner when he saw a shocking sight. A group of people were seling live dogs in bags. The dogs were were intended for slaughter and cost about $90 each.

Danielle’s dad was shaken and couldn’t just walk by.

So instead, he bought one of the dogs—and saved a life.

“His environment isn’t dog-friendly so he couldn’t buy more. But he at least got to save one,” Danielle told The Dodo.

When Danielle’s dad got home, he took a photo of the dog to show how poorly it had been treated by the heartless sellers.

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The dog was tied up in a small bag like a sack of potatoes and not like a living creature. Awful!

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But luckily, the dog was now in good hands. Danielle says that her dad dubbed his new friend “Doggo.”

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Daniel’s dad lives in an apartment building that doesn’t allow pets, so Doggo has been living at her dad’s office until he can figure out a better solution. However, the dog seems to be enjoying his freedom—just check out how much he enjoys exploring!

“My dad’s colleagues are complaining about the mess Doggo is making, but he’s still trying his best to provide a good environment for him,” Danielle said.

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Sure, Doggo might not live have the best living conditions at the moment, but at least he’s far from the terrible state he was in on the street. His spontaneous act of kindness really made a difference, and Danielle says she’s very proud of her dad.

It’s awful that dogs are still sold as food in some parts of the world. It’s unacceptable and has to stop!

Share to raise awareness about this practice so that in the future no dog will be sold for meat ever again!

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