Man sees dying kitten on the road – but when he stops the car, my jaw drops

Everyone just ignored the little lump of fur next to the road – until one kind man decided to stop his car in the middle of winter and take a closer look at what was actually lying there in the snow.

As he approached the lump, he realized it resembled a little kitten – then when he got closer, his jaw just dropped. 

He had guessed right – a tiny kitten no more than about six-months-old lay there in the snow. He quickly realized that while still alive, the cat was frozen solid and near death.

It was a freezing January day at -1 degrees F – just imagine how the tiny kitten felt!

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The man quickly decided to take the kitten home and to warmth. But it’s what he does later that makes my heart melt completely. Watch the events with the cat and the man in the video below:

While I can’t believe that so many ignored the cat on the road, I’m so glad this kind hero was around to rescue it! 

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