Man tries to tell his dog off – bursts into laughter after dog’s incredibly cute response

Anyone who’s ever had a pet will know that with the innumerable good times comes an abundance of moments where you’re ready to tear your hair out.

The unconditional love of animals has the power to put a shine on the darkest of days – they are the gift that keeps on giving. That said, of course, they’re far from perfect…

Of all pets, dogs are probably the most obvious example of those that can be positively adorable one moment, and outrageously frustrating the next.

Meet Ettore – a dog who learned his lesson on camera when owner Anthony tried telling him off for an unknown crime.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Anthony is seen reprimanding his dog, doing his best to try and keep a straight face so as to impress upon Ettore the seriousness of the situation.


Of course, dogs will be dogs will be dogs, and Ettore looks like he might well fail to see the severity of whatever crimes he may have committed.

Ettore tries to charm Anthony into forgiveness in the only manner he knows how.


The result? Well, it’s safe to say Anthony won’t be winning any awards for sticking to his guns in the near future.

Ettore places his paw on Anthony’s chest and cocks his head to the side in an attempt to cajole his owner. When this method doesn’t work, he ramps up his efforts by doing something so absurdly cute that Anthony can’t help but cave.

Watch Ettore’s antics in the video below, and try not to smile:

We know, it’s impossible not to react. Ettore might just be the cutest doggo we’ve seen this month! 

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