Meet afghan hound Tea – one of the world’s most beautiful show dogs

Afghan hound Tea is simply a beautiful dog. Earlier this year, her owner, Luke Kavanagh posted a picture of her on his Facebook page – and the image soon spread to thousands. Today, she is a true internet celebrity.

Tea had already earned nine Best in Show awards and is in fact the top-ranked Afghan hound in Australia, where she and her owner reside.

Now, after having participated in many dog shows, admired by the public and judges, and posed countless times for photographs, Tea is retiring – and her beautiful, silky fur is getting trimmed.

“Whether she’s naked or draped in the finest of silk gowns, Tea will always be my queen,” her owner Luke writes on Facebook.

Tea lives with his owner in Sydney, Australia. She is used to getting plenty of attention and has won several competitions. Her beautiful long silky hair is truly incredible.


Before even turning 5, Tea had won nine Best in Show medals.


Although Tea loves to be at the center of attention, there is one thing that she might have missed. To be a real family dog.


For deep down, this majestic dog has a whole other personality. A bit of a clumsy and mischievous one.


Owner Luke has decided that it was time for her well-deserved retirement, and there’s no longer the need for her long coat. It’s certainly gorgeous to look at, but Tea will cuddle and play more easily without it.

Tea did not mind getting rid of it. In fact, she seems to love life as a pensioner.

According to Luke, she is very pleased and content with her new life away from stardom and in the comfort of her home. 

“She’s loving retirement,” Luke tells The Dodo. “She has gone crazy happy. It was as if she realized she didn’t have to behave like a queen anymore and could be a bit cheeky.”

You look beautiful Tea! All the best in your new life now.

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