Meet baby Stone and his dog Belle– the best friends who’ve got everyone’s heart melting

Dog Belle and baby Stone have not yet known each other a lifetime. But they’re sure off to a great start.

A video of the two have been melting hearts of people everywhere as soon as they surfaced online.

The two can be seen cuddling on the sofa in the most adorable way ever. 

Have a look at the video below but brace yourself for some serious cuteness overload! 

Belle is an American bulldog. Stone is a small baby.

But the two seem to have found plenty in common with one another. 

In a sweet video that Stone’s father Belle’s dad posted, they can be seen cuddling up on their sofa.

Stone seems to really enjoy laying on Belle’s cozy tummy.


And Belle has no objection whatsoever, as she makes very clear when she lays her paw on the baby’s back and kisses him gently.


According to Stone’s parents, who breed American Bulldogs, Belle is the perfect family pet.

“[American Bulldogs] have a pitbull look, but they are four to five times the size of a pitbull and rank higher in temperament testing than even a labrador. Infant they rank the best in temperament. Zero human or animal aggression (…). Our mission is to differentiate the breeds and show the world how amazing these dogs are,” she told Daily Mail. 


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