Meet the dog Grey - owner's perfect alarm clock

Meet the dog Grey – owner’s perfect alarm clock

All animals have their little quirks. The cutie named Grey is no exception.

Grey was simply tired of dad snoring too long in the morning – and decided to take action and make some changes.

Since then, she has embraced the same routine every single night. Every morning between 05:00 and 05:30, she enters her owner’s bedroom on three occasions: twice to give dad a snooze signal, and the third time to signal “enough is enough, time to get up!”.

This cute routine has been happening for so long that her owner finally felt it was time to record it on tape – using a hidden camera.

And just as could be expected, Grey shows up, right on cue, whines a bit before she goes and waits patiently in silence until it’s time for the following wake-up calls.

“Please don’t worry about her needing us to let her outside… she has a dog door and full access to the backyard so this is just to get some attention or for some play time,” Grey’s owner writes on YouTube.

Watch Grey and her owner’s amusing routine below!

Pretty handy to have a live alarm clock to get you up on time, isn’t it? That is, until the alarm clock goes off at 5:00am on a Saturday morning 🙂 Please share this cute clip with all your animal-loving friends!

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