Meet Venus. The “Two-Faced” Cat That Has Stunned The World.

When I first saw these images, I was convinced that someone had photoshopped them. But as I read on, I realized they were real. This is by far the most amazing cat I have ever seen. And frankly, I think her unusual appearance makes her absolutely beautiful too!

Venus the cat recently became a global celebrity due to her highly unusual appearance. Her face is basically split right in half, with two contrasting colors: jet black and caramel.

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Venus’ eye color is equally as unusual. She’s been blessed with one bright green — and one blue.

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The reason for her unique appearance is not quite clear. One theory is that she is a chimera, that is, a creature with cells from two genetically different individuals. One simple way to put it, is she is like two cats sharing one body.

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The state is in no way dangerous, but can at times manifest itself in similar ways as it has for Venus.

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Her highly unique appearance has popularized her widely online and she has, among other things, her very own Instagram account as well as her own Facebook page — with hundreds of thousands of followers.

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And although her appearance might seem a little frightening to some, Venus is in fact, the sweetest cat. She loves to cuddle and above anything else, appreciates cozy little naps.

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I absolutely fell in love with Venus when I saw her, and feel free to share this if you suspect others might too.

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