Mom and son have been apart for 6 years — their reaction when they reunite goes straight to my heart

Seventeen-year-old Malta hasn’t had an easy life. Eight years ago, she gave birth to a foal named Winky. They lived together for a couple years and were quite close. But then, they were separated.

Then for six long years, they lived apart. Until an animal advocacy group was finally able to reunite them.

Do you think they recognized each other? Check out the video below to find out!

Six years after Winky lost his mother, he was handed over to an animal advocacy organization called Real Oppawtunities Animal Rescue (ROAR) in Australia. His owner moved and couldn’t take him along.

The staff at ROAR looked into Winky’s background and found out his mother lived nearby. But unfortunately, she was in bad shape. Her owner had neglected her, so the organization decided to rescue her.

But after ROAR took Malta in, they discovered that she was in much worse condition than they had thought. She had a skin condition, she had worms, and her hoofs and teeth hadn’t been cared for in years. And to make matters worse, she was extremely lonely.

ROAR made sure to give Malta all the care she needed. And best of all, they reunited her with her son Winky.

But would she recognize him after all these years?

You can see their reunion in the video below. They look a little shocked when they first meet with a fence between them. But wait until they’re released in the yard together!

Now, they’re both taking it easy and enjoying their life together at their new forever home.

How lovely that this story has a happy ending! I hope Malta and Winky both live long, happy lives!

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