Mom is tired and wants to sleep, but her puppy has other plans

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day of work as coming home, throwing your feet up on the couch, and spacing out for a little while.

But unfortunately, moments like this can be hard to come by when you have kids. As soon as your little bundles of love jump on you on the sofa and smother you with hugs, that moment of peace is over (and replaced by something much better, actually). But still, for the first few seconds, I always find myself feeling a bit like the mother bulldog in the video below.

She’s tired and just wants to take a break—but it won’t be easy. Her cute little puppy, Ruby, is in the mood to play and she’ll try anything to get attention from her mom. Despite the fact that her mother puts her foot down once or twice, the puppy refuses to give up—and it’s just too cute to watch!

You have to love Ruby’s playful enthusiasm—and I’m sure that her mom remembered how endearing her sweet baby is after she took a good, long nap. Please share this cute video with all of your friends whole love animals!

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