Mom’s heart melts when she sees who’s taking care of her sick baby

You probably know the feeling. You’re home sick, laying pathetically on the couch, feeling a bit sorry for yourself and just waiting to be on your feet again.

I think most people agree that right now and then there is nothing one would rather wish than a warm, nice hug – and lots of love and care.

Love and care is exactly what little Carter got from his mother as he lay home on the couch sick with a light fever. At some point, mom slipped into another room – and when she returned, she could not believe her eyes.

It turned out someone else had decided to take over in caring for her little boy.

And not just anyone – it was family dog Toby.

Seemingly aware of his need for comfort, Toby climbed up on the couch, curled up behind the baby and kept him company.

What can better make one recover than a little loving from a four-legged friend?

The wonderful sight, of course, got mom’s heart to melt – so she quickly grabbed her camera phone. Her video has now also appealed to a mass audience, with over 3 million views.

Watch the adorable video here:

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