Mom tells dog to “get out the car” – his response has the internet in fits of laughter

It’s not difficult to see why a vast majority of viral videos online concern animals.

Let’s face it, pets in general have an aptitude for performing when the spotlight is on them. They’re unpredictable, adorable and, most of the time at least, incredibly funny. Dogs perhaps provide the best example of this.

Yes, our canine friends have featured in some of the most classic viral hits of the past few years, so it should come as little surprise that we’ve found another pupper ready to write his name into the annals of online doggy folklore.

When one mom decided to take her giant pup, Nacho, out on a ride along, she couldn’t have possibly known that he would become an internet hit. Fortunately, she had her camera out at the right time…


When Jillian Harris took her dog Nacho with her to run some errands, he quickly claimed one of the backseats as his own.

Instead of lying for a nap in the footwell, or even just taking a normal seat to sit on, Nacho decided he was going to have his human brother Leo’s car seat.


When Jillian spotted her pooch in the act, she tried to get him to move off, telling him “that’s not your seat, Nacho.”

Nacho, however had other ideas. He remained adamant that it was, indeed, his seat, and it would take more than a verbal bashing from mom to get him to scoot over.


As you can probably expect, the video is every bit as funny as it sounds. Nacho cuts possibly the grumpiest, most reluctant dog we’ve ever seen, but we can certainly see why he’s stolen the hearts of people the world over.

Did seeing Nacho put a smile on your face? Should Jillian have just let him stay in Leo’s seat? 

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