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Momma Dog Refuses To Trust Anyone Until She’s Reunited With Puppies.

Often, when we’re done with something, we discard it. And when that something is, say, a used food container, that’s okay. But when it’s an animal, it’s totally unacceptable. So it was shocking to find out that recently, the owner of two dogs got rid of them right after the female gave birth. Luckily, though, the dogs ended up at Marin Humane Society. When staff examined the two terrified pooches, they soon realized that the female had recently given birth. Seeing the state the two dogs were in, they thought of their poor puppies, who were likely still in an unsafe environment. With this in mind, they did some investigative work, found the puppies, and persuaded the owner to give them up. Meanwhile the puppies’ momma was still frightened. She couldn’t stop whimpering and wouldn’t stray from her kennel. She just wanted to see her babies again. And during the filming of the video below, a kind-hearted Marin Humane Society staff member made that happen.

The video starts moments before the sweet reunion. The momma dog, still too petrified to move, completely transforms once the staffer shows her the first of her four babies. “We captured the moment when sad and scared mom got to see her puppies again,” the staff writes on Facebook. “Tears of joy all around at this happy reunion.”

After the video went viral, Marine Humane Society posted an update on their website: “Momma and puppies are doing really well and since Mom was named Cora, we decided to name the puppies after ‘Downton Abbey’ characters! Her three boys are Carson, Moseley and Branson and her girl is Edith. All will be available for adoption in a few weeks!”

See the video below to witness the beautiful reunion for yourself!

WOW! Our video of the momma and puppies who were reunited has gone viral! Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian – there’s nothing like the power of heartwarming stories about animals! 🙂

Here’s a better version of the video. And thank you for supporting the Marin Humane Society!

Posted by Marin Humane Society on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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