Monkey grabs fruit and gets brutally punished – crowd gathers to watch and cheer

It seems a day can’t go by without hearing about some animal suffering in some part of the world. Unfortunately, there are plenty of soulless people who appear to have zero limits when it comes to animal cruelty.

As horrific as these things might be, it is important to acknowldege them and collectively do somehting about them.

Here is an example from India, where a monkey paid a visit to a food market last year. The monkey caused quite a stir and helped himself to some of the market food (without paying a dime of course). According to AFP, during 6 months time, the monkey made regular trips to the market and became known for his mischiveous behaviour. But regardless of how naughty he might have been, nothing justifies the degrading treatment he was then subjected to.

One day he was caught stealing fruits from one man. Instead of people being a little more understanding and resolving the conflict peacefully – the monkey was punished horribly.

He was captured by a crowd and had his arms and feet tied up with tight nylon ropes.

AFP reports that the poor guy was then was made into a spectacle where the crowd cheered and taunted him in his misery.

Several people snapped shots of the incident – showing the world that animal cruelty still exists everywhere.

No one was punished for harming the monkey.

At some point, a person walked by and purposely hit the monkey on his forehead to infuriate him. When they finally removed the ropes, he was put in a cage.

Authorities from the city where the incident took place, a town north of Mumbai, India, alleged that the monkey would later be released, the Daily Mail writes.

Animals should never be hurt like this! Wild animals are trying to survive just like we are.

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