Monster cuts off puppy’s tail – now a dog trainer wants to catch the culprit

In April, a cute little golden retriever puppy was found by the side of the road in Singapore. But when the puppy’s rescuers picked her up, they realized that all was not what it seemed.

The puppy was in terrible condition. Her rescuers brought her straight to a veterinarian, who was shocked by what had happened to her.


The puppy’s tail had been hacked off as closely to her body as possible and her wound was full of maggots.

The vet gave the puppy all the care she needed, and when she was feeling a bit better, she was brought to a shelter.

The puppy, who was given the name Shorty, will live there until someone wants to adopt her, writes the Daily Mail.


Dog trainer Sam Chan noticed that the wound that too clean to have been an accident. Someone had purposely cut off Shorty’s tail. Sam decided to post pictures of Shorty online to try and catch the monsters who caused her all this pain.

The pictures went viral, and it didn’t take long before Shorty’s story had been shared more than 3,600 times.


The shelter where Shorty was taken published a video where she seems to be doing well considering the circumstances.

Soon Shorty will be strong enough to move to a forever home. At the same time, the matter is being investigated by Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

Animal abuse is terrible and shoould never happen. But thankfully, there are people out there who take dogs like Shorty under their wing and make sure they can live the life every dog deserves to live.

Published by Mutts & Mittens Community den 26 april 2017

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