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Mother Dog Is Reunited With Her Beloved Puppies After Much Heartbreak.

Rachel works for Sidewalk Specials, a South African animal rescue organization that takes care of homeless dogs and places them in safe homes. “Most of my rescues are straight from the streets, or called into me by vets who would otherwise have no option but to euthanize,” says Rachel.

In early June, she received a text message about a litter of seven puppies that needed help. Their owner wasn’t able to take care of them and agreed to give away all seven puppies, but not their mother.

“How bad can it be?” asked Rachel. But when she went to retrieve the puppies, she found them in terrible condition, full of fleas, ticks, and worms.

Not only were the puppies in poor condition, they also seemed to miss their mom something terrible.

Rachel knew thay the puppies’ mother was probably also ill, so she needed to save the mother dog before it was too late.

After many ifs and buts, the owner agreed to let the mother dog join her babies under Rachel’s care. When Rachel arrived at the mother dog’s side, she immediately realized that the situation was urgent. She took her straight to vet, who gave the dog just a 50 percent chance of survival. She had to remain overnight in the hospital on an IV drip. But Rachel had a surprise for her.

Would she recognize their puppies?

Yes, of course she did! Just wait until you see the mother dog’s reaction when she sees her adorable little darlings standing behind her…

Watch the heartwarming reunion here:

After a lot of rest and lot of love, both the mother and the puppies recovered. The puppies grew quickly and soon were adopted by loving families. I’m so glad it ended well!

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