Neglected pup refuses to make eye contact with dad for 6 months until he helps her find her true passion

Our pets are precious to us. We love them like they are part of the family and do everything to make sure that they are healthy and happy. There is little we wouldn’t do for our furry friends!

But unfortunately, many pets are lost, neglected, and abused. They never caused anyone harm, and yet they are so horribly mistreated. This was the case of Penni, a sweet pitbull. Penni lived in the basement of a drug house and was in pretty bad shape when she was rescued. After years of abused, she was anxious and afraid of people.

A kind man named Blaine adopted her. While getting adopted into a forever home often changes a pet in a positive way, Penni was still a depressed pup. She couldn’t make eye contact with him for 6 whole months.

“She was a full-blown disaster,” he told The Dodo.
YouTube / The Dodo

Then, Blaine and Penni moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas, and that’s when the new owner saw a change in his pitbull’s behavior. She looked happier!
YouTube / The Dodo

How did he do it? He started taking Penni out on hikes. As she started taking in the fresh air and being out in nature, she started opening up to him. She finally had a smile on her face!
YouTube / The Dodo

Penni is a special pup: she’s still struggling with some anxiety, but her loving owner is helper fight it, one hike at a time!

We love when humans and their pets have a special bond. We’re sure that Penni was taught Blaine a lot about himself and has helped him too, in her own way. There’s nothing like the love of a pet.

If you love pitbulls and are amazed by Penni’s recovery, please share! There’s nothing sweeter than a pittie bonding with her human dad!