New mom is about to be euthanized – but instead adopts five more puppies

When veterinarian Deborah Wilson of Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary heard about an abandoned mother dog who was about to be put down at a nearby shelter, she decided to act.

Together with her team at Circle L Ranch, Wilson ultimately saved both the mother and her puppies, who were then only six days old.

They gave the family a safe place on the ranch, and when Deborah saw how the loving mother took care of her puppies, she had another idea…

Facebook / Deborah Wilson

Recently, Deborah Wilson heard about an abandoned dog mother at the local animal shelter who was about to be euthanized even though had just given birth to two puppies six days before.

Deborah decided to adopt the whole family and took them with her to her ranch.

Facebook / Deborah Wilson

A few days later, Deborah got another phone call.

An anonymous tipster told her about a man who threatened to drown nine pit bull puppies if no one adopted them.

Deborah gathered a small group of animal lovers to save the little creatures. She took care of five of the puppies, while other animal lovers adopted the other four.

But it wasn’t just humans who offered to help in this difficult moment.

Facebook / Deborah Wilson

Now, besides two puppies of her own, the mother dog has five new little ones.

“We introduced the runt to her. She sniffed him and licked him. We placed him down on her nipples and he started eating right away. She was OK with it and seemed pleased. So one by one, we brought in the others, she accepted all of them,” Deborah wrote on Facebook.

Facebook / Deborah Wilson

“She is the best mom. Even though the new five are older, they are smaller than her two,” Deborah wrote.

Facebook / Deborah Wilson

Deborah and her team are grateful to the local community for alerting them about the pit bulls’ previous owner.

“Thanks to the kindness of rescue folks and social media, these innocent puppies were not drowned. They will be fed, cared for, spayed and neutered and eventually adopted out at the ranch.”

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