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New Online Trend Scares The Life Out Of Cats. Please Do NOT Put A Cucumber Behind Your Cat.

In recent months, a new trend has started showing cats basically scared silly by an unlikely source: cucumbers. Many videos have emerged of cat owners testing this out on their unsuspecting pets. The trend consists of quietly placing a rather large cucumber just behind your cat, generally as it sits and eats. Then, as the cat gradually senses something laying behind it, it turns around and discovers the idle cucumber. The cat gets quite simply terrified, often jump up high into the air, as the owners giggle. The films have been seen by millions and have had much positive feedback, with many finding it “hilarious”. But how funny it is to see a terrified cat, really?

Recently, users on popular social network Reddit began posting a collection of videos displaying their cats reactions after discovering a cucumber laying behind them. These videos are still being posted every day.


But why are they so afraid? Sverre Sjölander, zoologist and professor Emeritus at the University of Linköping, has a theory:

“The cat comes from North Africa and, therefore, like dogs, has an innate fear of snakes,” he told a local paper.


One reason that cats are so afraid may thus be that they mistaken the cucumber for a snake. Would you like someone to put a snake behind you when you were eating?

No, didn’t think so.

Be nice to your animals, and stop this nonsense!

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