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No One Believed That Their Dog And Baby Did THIS, So They Filmed It. Just Adorable!

I have seen plenty of great examples of the joy that results from children and dogs playing together like the best of friends. In this video, we have the pleasure of meeting Pumpkin, a Shetland sheepdog, who really loves to play and cuddle. Luckily for her, so does baby. Together they are truly the best playmates ever. In the beginning, it looks like baby is having a bit of a grey day, but pretty soon, Pumpkin will change that quite dramatically. He does everything necessary to entertain the adorable boy — who’s reaction is just priceless. Watch for yourself- 10 million viewers on YouTube already have. Understandably. I couldn’t stop laughing alongside the hilarious pair. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so long. Share this adorable clip with all your family and friends, because who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? 🙂

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