No One Cared About This Dirty Street Dog. Until One Person Came Along And Changed Everything.

When Coconut was found, the dog was scavenging for food on the streets of Cozumel, Mexico. He was thin as a rail, his coat was covered with engine oil, and he only knew what it was like to be alone. But whether or not he knew it at the time, when animal rescuers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare showed up by his side, Coconut’s life was about to completely turn around. The crew filmed Coconut’s rescue and that video reached a woman who instantly fell in love with him. She later said, “The split second I saw him, I knew I loved him and wanted him in my life.” Still, the woman lived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts—far from little Coconut—and she knew that his chances of survival were slim, so she mentally prepared herself in case he didn’t make it. Back at the vet, Coconut tested positive for heartworm and started treatment right away. Over the next few months, Coconut completely transformed. His fur became shiny, and his outside finally matched the beautiful inside that the woman from Massachusetts had always been able to see. Then finally, with the go-ahead from the vets, Coconut made the long journey north where he met his new forever mom at the airport. What a sweet pup and a wonderful ending! See Coconut’s full story, including his amazing transformation and his heart-melting first meeting with his forever mom in the video below!

Here’s what Coconut looked liked when he was found.

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Although he looked terrible on the outside, the staff knew right away that he was a fantastic dog on the inside.

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Coconut got a much needed bath and his matted fur was clipped.

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See Coconut’s full inspirational story in the video below:

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