No one wants to adopt Kleo because of her slanted face, but she’s still dreaming of a home

Every shelter dog is just waiting for someone to take them home, and they’re all deserving of love. But the sad reality is that many dogs are constantly passed over because of the way they look.

Many adopters choose cute pets while different-looking and “ugly” dogs get left behind, waiting years for someone to give them a home.

But now, one unique dog is looking for someone who will love her just the way she is.

Meet Kleo, a dog with a crooked face but a big heart:

Kleo, a terrier/lab mix, is currently in the care of the Massachusetts-based rescue A Place for Ace. According to The Dodo, he was rescued from a San Antonio shelter where she was on the euthanasia list.

With the dog’s crooked face and underbite, the rescue’s founder Meagan Hanley feared he would end up put down, and decided to take her in.

The rescue quickly discovered that Kleo was an energetic dog who loves to jump around and play: “She may look different but that doesn’t slow her down!” A Place for Ace wrote on Instagram.

“Is it my turn yet?!” ~Kleo Kleo has watched 20 dogs get adopted and she is starting to take it personally that she…

Posted by A Place for Ace on Monday, February 1, 2021

Luckily, Kleo has found a loving foster mom, who realized firsthand just how lovely the dog could be.

“Kleo makes the most out of every day,” foster mom Brianne Miers told The Dodo. “She truly has a zest for life… She’s curious about all the new sights and smells around her, and so smart.”

She says that while many people might find Kleo unappealing, the dog never lets anyone’s opinion get her down: “I’ve seen folks give her a double take when we walk by, but she just keeps happily trotting along.”

Still, Kleo’s unique appearance — and her very active personality — make it hard to find just the right home. While the 20 other dogs who arrived with Kleo were adopted out quickly, no one has wanted to take Kleo.

“Unfortunately, she hasn’t received any serious interest,” Brianne said. “She’s not what most adopters set out to find when they begin the adoption process, so it will take someone special to want her, crooked face and all.”

In addition to being accepting of Kleo’s looks, the dog would be best in a home that can give her the exercise and stimulation she needs. She would also do better in a home without young kids or cats.

“She’s so inspiring, I think she has the potential to touch a lot of lives,” Brianne told The Dodo. “We know the perfect home is out there!”

Kleo is looking for a home! If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl, you can apply online through A Place for Ace!

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