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Nobody cared about this hungry street dog ​​– then a stranger does the right thing

Across the world, countless dogs are suffering. But there are also thousands of animal lovers who refuse to stand by and watch as our four-legged companions needlessly suffer.

Perhaps that’s why the story of a dog named Ojitos is so important—because it shows that there is still hope.

Ojitos was starving and wandering around the streets of Peru. He was malnourished and alone. He was lost and had no name.

Every day, Ojitos hung around outside shops and restaurants hoping that someone would help him, but instead, they all turned their backs. It was like Ojitos didn’t even exist.

But then one day, everything changed.

Two women could no longer bear seeing Ojito suffer. They brought him to safety and gave him a bowl of food, a comfortable bed, and finally, a name: Ojitos.

And it turned out that this was only the beginning of the dog’s journey.

Scroll down to see this street dog’s amazing transformation a few weeks later!


Ojitos lived on the streets of the Peruvian city of Iquitos. No one knew much about him and no one was interested in knowing, either.

It was easier to just look away and pretend he didn’t exist when he came looking for food or help.


As you can see, Ojitos was in very poor condition. He literally fought for his life on the streets.

Fortunately, however, there were also a couple people who refused to stand by and watch him suffer.

Two women noticed Ojitos and took him home.


At first, Ojitos was very reserved. He didn’t think he deserved love and care, because no one had ever bothered with him before.

But soon, he allowed himself to trust his two guardian angels, Joyci and Bianca. Finally, he understood that not all humans are bad.


Slowly but surely, Ojitos recovered. He began to eat more, his fur grew back, and his eyes were soon full of life.

What a difference!


A woman named Ursula Vari also helped Joyci and Bianca with Ojitos.

She runs a fund that raises money so that more street dogs in Peru can be saved from a life of suffering.

“This is my passion and my life, and I will do anything to help these souls,” she says.


Thanks to these warmhearted strangers, Ojitos got his life back.

He has new dog friends in his new home and gets an incredible amount of love from Bianca and Joyci.

Watch the video below to see Ojitos’ transformation 🙂

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