Now we pay tribute to all animal lovers who are doing everything to stop the suffering of foxes

Fox hunting is a very popular activity in the United Kingdom. The idea is for a group of trained dogs to track, chase and, if successful, kill foxes. All while a group called the “masters of the foxhounds” lead the dogs on horseback or on foot. The dogs are aggravated and trained by their owners to kill the foxes in cold blood.

The cruel practice was banned in 2005 in both England and Wales and has always sparked outrage among animal lovers and various animal right organizations. Unfortunately, this has not stopped people from continuing the ancient tradition.

Luckily, there are some selfless animal lovers out there who continue to struggle for the lives of these innocent foxes.


In the video, you can see a brave animal activist, who works for Hunt Saboteurs Association, come to the rescue of a poor fox who is being attacked by a group of dogs. This is all supervised by the “masters of the foxhounds,” or rather, the hunters.

The courageous woman hides in the bushes in anticipation and manages to show up just in time to save the poor fox. You can clearly hear how distressed the woman sounds when you watch the video.

Watch the video below. Warning: Some parts of the video may be distressing to some views.

What a selfless act of bravery by a true hero! Please share this story to make more people aware of this cruel act toward foxes. This must end!

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