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Opossum Was Too Scared To Move. But After A Little Help, She’s Back On Her Feet Again.

At some point or another, we all needed someone to give us a helping hand, a little extra push, or the confidence to keep going. And, of course, by saying “we,” I’m including animals. When a small female opossum was making her way through Grand Rapids, Michigan back in April, things got a bit too overwhelming and she completely shut down. It seems a combination of a heavy rainstorm and the noise of traffic was a bit too much for the little marsupial. So when the opossum was found, she was too scared to move. She just stayed there, curled up against the front door of a downtown business. But fortunately, a local animal rehab center was notified, and rescue workers were able to give her the loving care she needed to get back on her paws again.

The Wildlife Rehab Center of Grand Rapids, Michigan shared the sweet opossum’s rescue story on Facebook.

“Got a couple calls this morning about this sad girl outside a business in the heart of downtown GR! We suspect she found this a nice place to escape the storm and got stuck once people and cars starting picking up.”

possum 1
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The possum’s strategy for getting through the situation was to become invisible. “She just bowed her head and pretended she wasn’t there,” the center wrote in a Facebook comment.

possum 2
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But fortunately she was spotted and help soon arrived. The Wildlife Rehab Center sent over a “possum specialist” to safely capture her and give her a thorough physical. And the specialist made a surprising discovery—the lovely possum had babies in her pouch!

possum 3
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After getting a clean bill of health and taking a little time to collect herself, the momma possum was released back into the wild.

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It turns out, she was just a little scared and needed a little extra encouragement. And fortunately, the good people of the Wildlife Rehab Center were there to support her. Now, life is good for her and her babies again in a less urban setting. Good luck, possum!

possum 4
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