Orphaned baby elephant and ostrich form inseparable bond to overcome difficult past

Baby Elephant Jotto was only one-month-old when he was separated from his mother and the rest of his herd.

He fell into a well and was discovered several days later by the rescue personnel at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

The staff pulled little Jotto out of the well and brought him to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, which specializes in the care of orphaned baby elephants.

They take care of little elephants such as Jotto as they grow and socialize with other elephants in the park, before eventually getting released into the wild again.

But surprisingly, it was not another elephant in the reserve that took Jotta under their wing…

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebook

Despite that the “orphanage” was full of other elephants, Jotto seemed to gravitate most toward Pea, an ostrich.

Pea was rescued in October 2014. One day when the staff at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was off to rescue a baby elephant, they discovered Pea and her brother Pod, who were also in great need of help.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Instagram

Pea and Pod grew up with the elephants on the reserve and their condition quickly improved. Pod was released earlier in the year – but Pea was quite content with her new friends and refused to leave.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Instagram

Pea really enjoy being with the elephants – as did the orphaned giraffe Kiko, who also resided on the reserve.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Instagram

“It is safe to say orphaned ostrich Pea most definitely believes she is part of the elephant herd and little Jotto is more than happy to enjoy a cuddle with his feathered friend,” DSWT wrote.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Instagram

While elephant and ostrich friendships may not exactly be common, Jotto and Pea’s special connection proves animals’ ability to help each other heal- regardless of shape, race or species.

Jotto and Pea reveal that the most special and heartwarming friendships emerge from unusual and often difficult conditions!

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