Owner buys special cart for dog who can’t walk – so she can still go out for walkies

Growing old is no easy feat. We are forced to adapt to our gradually weakening bodies and might not have the same energy we did in our younger years.

But we are also wiser, and for the lucky ones of us, continue to have our spunk for life.

Maggie, despite being a dog, understands just this.

The elderly 11-year-old golden retriever has always been a playful wonderful companion to her owners. But as she aged, she began to have trouble walking.

It was clear to her owner what he had to do.

Maggie’s owner came with an ‘easy’ solution: he put together a little wagon to take Maggie around on her much adored walks.

The owner explains his inspiration to UNILAD:

“We have five golden retrievers and three of them are seniors who we rescued, including Maggie.

Maggie is almost 11 and has always had weaker legs, but just in the last week, she started having trouble going for walks. She can only make it about 50 meters before she limps and just sits down.

But she loves walks and gets so excited when I go for the leashes. I couldn’t never walk her again, so I decided to get a wagon that was big enough to hold her so I could pull her around on her walking route.”

Just watch how happy Maggie is with her new mode of transport in the video below.

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What an innovative and big-hearted owner! Share if you agree this is a wonderful and certainly adorable solution to help Maggie enjoy her remaining time on earth.