Owner Got Tired Of Their Cat & Threw Him In The Trash. 2 Days Later? It’s A Whole New Life For Hiro!

It was as a woman in Alberta, Canada, was throwing out her trash that she made a shocking discovery. In the garbage, she saw a backpack, and to her great bewilderment, inside the backpack was a cat. The woman immediately phoned the Alberta Animal Services, who rushed to the location to care for the poor cat.

katten8Alberta Animal Service
After further investigation at an animal hospital, veterinarians concluded that someone had actually tried to choke the cat, leading to neurological problems. In that cruel process, the cat had thus been rendered blind.

hiro1Alberta Animal Service
The vets are sadly unable to confirm whether the cat’s vision would ever be fully restored. The cat, named Hiro by staff at the Alberta Animal Services, also had a broken pelvis and was terribly malnourished.

hrio99Alberta Animal Service
But little Hiro has proven to be a tough cookie. Despite the torture and cruelty he’d suffered, he didn’t give up. His condition is quickly improving, and he is already eating better. Following news of his discovery, donations from animal lovers have flowed in, and the hope is to find him a loving, forever home.

hiro1Alberta Animal Service
I will never understand and accept that people do this to an innocent animal, but at the same time, I am happy that there are organizations that Alberta Animal Services. Without you many more animals never had the chance for a life in safety.
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