King Charles awards Kate Middleton with new title: Inside their powerful bond

Kate Middleton is continuing her chemotherapy following the cancer diagnosis she received in February. On March 22, she revealed her health update to the world after staying silent for quite a while – and with that, both she and King Charles are now going through a very challenging time. 

The king has had an extraordinary relationship with his daughter-in-law for years, and as they both go through cancer treatment, it’s safe to say their bond has become even stronger.

While there have been very few updates on Kate following her cancer diagnosis—except for what Prince William and Queen Camilla have said in public—it appears that King Charles now wants to reward her for her hard work. On Monday, the king announced that she had received a new royal title and is set for the history books.

King Charles’ cancer diagnosis in early February left royal fans worldwide in shock, less than a year since his coronation following his mother, Queen Elizabeth’s, death.

King Charles & Katete Middleton – cancer

The type of cancer was not revealed, but Buckingham Palace revealed it is not prostate cancer. Moreover, the palace revealed it was discovered during his recent treatment for an enlarged prostate.

“During the king’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer. His majesty has today commenced a schedule of regular treatments, during which time he has been advised by doctors to postpone public-facing duties,” the statement read.

“Throughout this period, his majesty will continue to undertake state business and official paperwork as usual. The king is grateful to his medical team for their swift intervention, which was made possible thanks to his recent hospital procedure. He remains wholly positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible.”

The statement concluded, “His majesty has chosen to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and in the hope it may assist public understanding for all those around the world who are affected by cancer.”

While King Charles began his cancer treatment, Kate Middleton was recovering from her abdominal surgery. Sometime in February, it is reported, the Princess of Wales received her cancer diagnosis. 

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

On March 22, she told the world through a video recorded at the Windsor grounds.

“In January, I underwent major abdominal surgery in London and at the time it was thought that my condition was non-cancerous. The surgery was successful, however, tests after the operation found cancer had been present. My medical team therefore advised that I should undergo a course of preventive chemotherapy and I am now in the early stages of that treatment,” Kate Middleton said in her statement.

King Charles & Kate Middleton were praised for revealing cancer diagnosis

“This of course came as a huge shock and William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family. As you can imagine this has taken time. It has taken me time to recover from major surgery in order to start my treatment. But most importantly, it has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them and to reassure them that I’m going to be okay.”

King Charles and Kate Middleton have both been praised for revealing their respective cancer diagnosis. Following Kate’s announcement, visits to the NHS website’s cancer information page increased by nearly five times, and the Macmillan Cancer Support experienced a similar surge around Charles’ announcement.

According to Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips, King Charles is in “good spirits” following the start of his cancer treatment. Meanwhile, the princess’s son also said the monarch is “frustrated” that the recovery is taking longer than he would want it to.

But at the same time, King Charles has been seen in public several times, and according to a Vanity Fair source, he is planning on returning to royal duty next month.


His last public appearance was on Easter Sunday, when he attended church services with Queen Camilla and royal family members.

“At the moment HRH is doing very well and responding very well to treatment,” a royal source said. “He is very keen to get back to public-facing duties before June if he can. He is doing well but is frustrated more than anything else that he has had to take time off, he is being a good patient but not always a patient one.”

Karwai Tang/WireImage

While King Charles has been seen in public several times despite not being on full royal duty, the same doesn’t go for Kate MIddleton.

King Charles & Kate Middleton’s special bond

The princess has decided to stay outside of the spotlight as she continues her treatment, and the same went for when she recovered from abdominal surgery. Conspiracy theories surrounding Kate went berserk online, but as the cancer diagnosis was announced, things, thankfully, cooled off.

While Kate Middleton appears to have stayed silent, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t spent time with her loved ones and other royal family members. That includes King Charles, with whom the Princess of Wales has also gotten a very close bond.

With that said, Kate Middleton has always been close to her father-in-law, King Charles. The Princess of Wales has even been labeled “the daughter he never had,” and after they both received cancer diagnoses, it appears that they have grown even closer. However, royal expert Victoria Arbiter has stated that King Charles and Kate Middleton’s relationship has likely grown even more vital as they have faced similar health struggles.

Speaking on The Royal Beat, the royal commentator said they “would have found tremendous comfort in each other, going through something so similar.”

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith agreed and told People Magazine that she believes King Charles and Kate’s bond is growing stronger because of their similar health issues.

“He has always had a very good bond with her. I don’t think it is presumptuous to say that she is like the daughter he never had,” royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told People Magazine. “He shares with William an impulse to protect her. They are in this together, Kate and the King.”

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Shortly after Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis, King Charles said he was “so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did.” He added that he has “remained in the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law throughout the past weeks.”

“Cancer has cemented an already strong relationship”

The statement was undoubtedly emotional, but according to royal expert Jennie Bond, one word confirmed that the two have an extraordinary relationship. 

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Jennie Bond says that the fact that he said “closest contact” and not “close” was noteworthy. 

Moreover, Bond revealed that the two had lunch together at Windsor Castle less than 24 hours before the video was released, which left Charles very emotional.

“There’s no doubt that cancer has cemented an already strong relationship. It’s very touching to think of Charles toddling down the corridor to see Kate when they were both in hospital. And it is understood that the King was left very emotional after their one-on-one lunch at Windsor Castle the day after she recorded her broadcast,” Bond said.

“There are so very few people in whom a senior royal can confide, certain that everything they say will be secure. I’m sure that both Charles and Kate have found it comforting to be able to discuss their emotions as well as the chemotherapy treatment and how it has made them feel.”

Jennie Bond added that Kate Middleton isn’t “looking for a father figure,” but that she and Charles have formed a “genuinely affectionate relationship.”

Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images

“After all, remember how Diana said Charles had always wanted a daughter. And he loves the grandchildren and now sees much more of them either at Windsor or Sandringham,” the royal expert continued.

King Charles & Kate Middleton had “emotional lunch” before her cancer announcement

“It must be particularly tough for the children to know that both their grandfather and their mother are ill. But I’m sure Charles, like Kate, tries to shield them from that and carries on being a fun grandpa as much as he can in their tight-knit little group.”

King Charles might not have shown his emotions about his bond with Kate Middleton in public. However, the monarch did reveal that he did cry after the enormous response to his cancer diagnosis.

In February, during a meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shortly after his cancer diagnosis had been made public, King Charles said, “I’ve had so many wonderful messages and cards. It’s reduced me to tears most of the time.”

“I hear there’s been a lot more attention and interest on those main, wonderful cancer charities, many of which I’ve been a patron for years,” the King added with a laugh.

Jennie Bond’s insights into King Charles’ emotional lunch are backed up by a source from The Sun, who says it is “unusual” for them to sit down together.

“The King had already been made aware that the woman he calls ‘my beloved daughter-in-law’ had cancer. They would have had lots to discuss and share because just weeks earlier, the King had begun his course of treatment and dealt with announcing his diagnosis,” the source told The Sun.

Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

“The King left his lunch feeling very emotional. They are very close and he thinks of Catherine as his daughter. There is no doubt there is a lot they can share and can use each other for support during their own deeply personal cancer battles.”

Kate Middleton rewarded historic new royal title

Kate Middleton has yet to update us on her cancer treatment. On April 24, when her son, Prince Louis, turned six years old, the Princess of Wales took the photo, which, if not, is a sign that she is healthy enough to continue her passion for photography while recovering.

The princess is said to be still doing some royal work from bed, and in the last months, several people have revealed how Kate has sent letters to them, thanking them for their kind support in this challenging time.

Now, King Charles has honored Kate Middleton with a new title – and it’s surely something special.

On April 23, one day before her son turned six, King Charles thanked his beloved daughter-in-law by giving her a new title. He has made her the Royal Companion of The Order of the Companions of Honour.

Several British outlets report that the monarch has personally chosen it because of the “esteem in which she is held” and “recognition in taking on more responsibilities” since becoming Princess of Wales.


According to Buckingham Palace, George V founded The Order of the Companions of Honour in 1917 “to recognise outstanding achievements in the Arts, Sciences, Medicine, and Public Service.”

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Current members include Sir David Attenborough, Sir Elton John, Judi Dench and previously, Professor Stephen Hawking and Sir Winston Churchill.

The appointment to The Order of the Companions of Honour does not only mean a new title for Kate. According to British media, the Princess of Wales is the first member of the royal family to ever hold the title.

As of today, Kate Middleton is the patron of several arts organizations, including the Royal Photographic Society and the Victoria and Alberg Museum. Moreover, she studied art history at St. Andrews University, where she famously met Prince William.

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