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Pair Of Moose Befriend A Polite Cyclist On A Highway.

Growing up in the country, I’ve come across a lot of moose over the years. I can remember driving the country roads, when a moose would give a me curious look from the side of the road as I drove by. And then there were the times when I’d spot one walking along the road in front of me. I’d slow down my car and keep a respectful distance. And to my surprise, the moose would look back for a moment before continuing to happily trot along the road ahead of me. While I’ve seen my share of moose, I’ve never had an experience with one like one bicyclist in Gevingasen, Norway had.

The cyclist came upon two moose slowly walking down a bicycle path. When he saw them, he hopped of his bike so they’d have time to get used to him. Then, as they got closer, he hopped over a guardrail to protect himself and make the moose more comfortable.

It turned out to be the right move. When the curious moose reached him, they took time to enjoy the moment, checking out his bike and taking in the sights and smells before continuing on their leisurely stroll.

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