Photographer Captures Dogs Aging Over Time. The Photos Will Warm Your Heart.

This is unlike any dog ‘story’ that I have ever seen. A photographer based in Massachusetts, USA, has been working on an incredible photo project for years… documenting the lives of dogs as they age through time. Amanda Jones has captured stunning “before and after” images of the dogs as they progress from puppy to mature, full-grown adults. I think little Lily has to be my personal favorite.  

Through her stunning “Dog Years” project, Amanda has documented the lives and stories of 30 dogs for different dog-owners, who all wished to capture their cherished pets both in, and through time.

The stories and photos of the dogs were gathered into a beautiful book, Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then & Now, and I just had to share some of the striking snapshots below.

I hope these beautiful, inspiring photos make your day just like they did mine.

Fred: 2 years & 10 years

Maddy: 5 years & 10 years

Lily: 8 months & 15 years

Copper: 3 years & 10 years

Maddie and Ellie: 7 and 6 years & 14 and 13 years

Rufus: 6 months & 13 years

Kayden and Brodie: 11 months and 5 years & 7 and 12 years

Abigale: 4 months & 8 years

Poppy: 1 year & 7 years

Sydney and Savannah: 16 and 5 months & 10 and 9 years

Audrey: 3 years & 12 years

Briscoe: 1 year & 10 years

Corbet: 2 years & 11 years

What a valuable project! It’s so interesting to see the before and after pics of these cuties, and I love how Amanda recreated the same scene and managed to get the fur balls to pose in similar ways! I imagine there were lots of doggie biscuits involved in the process 🙂

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