Photographer takes nap on the ground – cheetah appears and does unexpected thing

Nature can be oh so beautiful, and yet oh so dangerous. This is something most of us know well.

As a result, working with wildlife brings with it benefits and pitfalls, often in equal measures. That includes those people who work as wildlife photographers, whose job it is, of course, to capture our planet’s most magnificent animals.

One such photographer, Dolph Volker, works as a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa, where the fastest land animals on earth exist in preservation…


In Volker’s capacity as a photographer of cheetahs, he’s learnt a thing or two about them.

For example, they can be extremely shy creatures that prefer to be left alone as opposed to mingling in social groups. This includes when humans try to interact with them – something they don’t always take kindly to.

However, in order for Volker to do his job, he’s been forced to try and gain their trust so as to get the best possible shots.


We’d say he’s been pretty successful in his endeavours. One video that’s doing the rounds online recently proves that he must be doing something right!

Watch the incredible video below:

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