Pit Bull With A Sweet Tooth Patiently Waits In Line To Buy Ice Cream.

When I was little, the only thing sweeter than the tune of the ice cream truck was ice cream itself. So as soon as I heard that song, I’d run outside. And when I got to the line, I’d wait anxiously with a fistful of coins until it was finally my turn to order. Then finally, I’d get that sweet reward…  I’m not sure, but I think kids these days are probably still as just as excited as I was to hear the ice sound of the ice cream truck. But it’s not just kids who love ice cream—many of our four-legged friends can’t say “no” to something cold and sweet on a hot summer day, either. The pit bull in the video below is like an eager young kid when he hears the ice cream truck’s signature tune. He runs over to the truck and sits patiently in line until it’s his turn. Soon, his mom comes over with a little money and buys him a vanilla cone. And as soon as she gives it to him, the puppy’s patience is gone. In just two or three bites, he gobbles down the treat and just like that, he’s a regular old pit bull once again. See the ice cream-loving pit bull in the video below. What a sweetie!

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