Policeman Forces Her To Sit In A Hot Car. So She Would Know How Her Dog Felt.

A policeman in Ohio put a woman inside her car where she was forced to sit with windows shut, no engine running, and without air condition. He did it to make her understand how it felt for her dog, who she had left in the hot car, Huffington Post reports.

The incident started when the woman returned to her car from the store. She told the policeman that her dog was fine, but then he forced her to sit in the car to understand how it felt for the dog, according to an official report Sun News published:

“To prove a point, the officer made the woman sit inside of the warm car with the windows up and without the engine on for a few minutes.
The woman said she was fine, but the officer noted she looked uncomfortable. The woman was advised if she did this again she would be cited.”

A similar story happened a year ago. It was also caught on tape:

Remember to never leave a dog alone in the car and please share this so more people draw attention to this.

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