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Puppy Shot 18 Times Finds Comfort By Snuggling Stuffed Bear.

It’s hard to imagine who would harm an innocent puppy, let alone do what one person recently did to a 6-week-old puppy in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

According to The Herald, the puppy was shot at least 18 times with a BB gun.

A maintenance worker at the apartment complex where the puppy lived was making evening rounds when he first noticed the puppy surrounded by a group of young teens. When he returned a little later, the lab mix was bleeding.

The maintenance worker called the Rock Hill Police Department and officers arrived to discover the dog had multiple wounds. The puppy was rushed to Ebenezer Animal Hospital, where staff named him Brody.

puppy 1

Although doctors knew Brody had been shot multiple times, they were shocked when X-rays showed 18 bullets trapped inside of the young pup.

puppy 2

Even more amazing was the fact that no bullet hit any of Brody’s vital organs. “The bullets have not appeared to pierce any vital organs or damaged any joints or bones, which is astounding, but he is a lucky boy,” said Dr. Jay Hreiz.

puppy 3

Brody is on pain medication and the hospital staff expects him to make a full recovery. Dr. Jay Hreiz said, “Because [the bullets didn’t hit any vital organs], coupled with his young age of six weeks, we will not perform surgery unless necessary and when he’s a little older and can handle anesthesia appropriately,” he added. “For now, we will simply watch him [for another week] and continue supportive care as he gets better.”

And a recent post on Facebook post shows Brody has found comfort in a special new friend.

puppy 4

According to WYFF4 News, police have charged two teens, including one young man who may have been Brody’s owner, with the crime.

Brody will be put up for adoption through Project Safe Pet once he’s fully recovered.

If the story of Brody and his recovery have moved you, please make a donation to Project Safe Pet and share this story, as well. To help out other dogs in need, visit

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