Raccoon Refuses To Leave The Family That Saved His Life.

When Loki the raccoon was just a cub, he was found abandoned and sick by Kat Wagg and her husband. They feared that the little fellow wouldn’t make it and decided to help him. What they didn’t know was that their support would be the beginning of a lifelong friendship. And ever since the day Kat and her husband began to give him love, Loki refused to leave their side.

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Little Loki suffered from dehydration, parasites, and multiple boils when Kat and her husband found him. Without help from the couple, Loki surely would’ve died.


Kat and her husband couldn’t just stand by and watch as the little raccoon faded away. They took Loki in and fed him, and soon enough, the raccoon recovered.


The couple always planned to release Loki into the wild when he was strong enough. But that proved to be easier said than done.


Kat and her husband gave Loki every opportunity to return to the wild. But even though he was healthy and old enough to fend for himself, Loki refused to leave his newfound family.


“Most animals naturally respond to the call of the wild and leave their parents to live on their own. Loki was a rare exception and wouldn’t leave no matter how much we encouraged him,” said Kat Wagg.


Loki lived happily with his family until his last days, which unfortunately came too soon. A year after the family rescued him, Loki died from complications associated with getting a vaccine.


While Loki’s life was short,  it would’ve been even shorter had it not been for the incredible couple who saved him. They gave him the freedom to do what he felt right for himself, and no one can take away from them.

Watch a video celebrating Loki’s life here:

Loki’s “mother,” Kat, mentions that raccoons shouldn’t be seen as pets and she says that the rescue of Loki was a rare exception. If you find an injured, abandoned or orphaned wild animal, contact the police or animal rescue.

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