Scandalous horseback ride stirs emotions: “An embarrassment to the sport”

Whether you’re a pet owner or a sportsman, when it comes to animals the same rule applies to all: always respect the animal.

Here’s a scary example of how things could go wrong if failing to do so.

In a recent horse jumping competition in Germany, an Austrian rider revealed just how abusive humans can be towards animals, Hippson reports.

It was blatantly obvious to everyone that the Austrian rider’s horse was stressed and in pain.

Despite this, the rider chooses to continue to finish the round – to the crowd’s boos – before the judges decide to eliminate the rider from the competition.

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Publicerat av Turnierkiebitz den 11 juni 2017

Rider Bernhard Maier’s actions have caused quite the stir online evoking much anger in people – and now authorities that regulate horseback riding in Austria have also stepped in.

The authorities have called the rider’s actions “an embarrassment to the sport”. They are considering sanctioning the rider, and a final decision is currently being made, Hippson reports.

“We are doing everything we can to put an end to this kind of riding,” the Austrian authorities said.

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