Scared puppy appears on porch – then a woman sees a black spot on her butt and acts immediately

I’ve read a lot of stories about dogs that have been rescued from all sorts of situations. But this one really touched me. Perhaps because it’s about an ordinary person — not an animal organization — who helped a puppy.

And it shows that we all can make a difference.

This story happened just before Hurricane Irma struck Florida last month. The people in the area were busy preparing their homes and gardens for the incoming storm. And even people who weren’t in the direct path of the storm prepped their yards and prepared for heavy rain.

In the middle of all the preparations, a woman saw something strange on the other side of the street: a skinny white dog with mangy fur.

She wrote about what happened next on Imgur — and the story has touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world.


The woman called to the dog, who immediately ran to her. The was smart, too. She looked both ways before crossing the street. The woman gave her some water and food and the dog must have been hungry because she ate all of the food.


“She let me pet her a bit but looked pretty nervous at any loud noises or if I moved too fast,” the woman wrote

The dog understood that the woman was kind and wanted to help her. She put her paw on the woman’s arm and wanted to be petted.

The woman took a closer look at her new four-legged friend and could see that she had some injuries. She also had some black gunk on her haunches and had probably sat in tar.

The dog must have had a very hard life.


It took four hours of scrubbing and washing to remove all the tar and debris from the dog’s fur. The dog was nervous and skittish, so it wasn’t easy, but the woman was determined to help.

When the dog was clean, the woman took her to the vet to have her examined. The vet figured that she was about a year old and quite healthy.


The woman suspected that the dog had an owner somewhere, so she posted the dog’s picture on social media. Soon, she learned that the dog had been passed from one owner to the next until she was dropped off the back of a truck on an abandoned road.

But not again, the woman thought — and she adopted her and called her Amy.


“First run through the backyard. She was so excited she took off and circled our shed before running back to me like she wanted to make sure I was still there. She even brought me sticks she found and wanted to take back inside,” Amy’s owner wrote on Imgur.


With plenty of food and love, Amy quickly put on weight and got back her nice coat. Today, she’s a happy dog ​​who finally has a loving forever home.

What a good story! Imagine if everyone was so kind to animals. I’m sure the world would be a better place!

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