Senior cat loves Christmas lights, so owners make her own lit-up tree to have year-round

Senior cat loves Christmas lights, so owners make her own lit-up tree to have year-round

If you celebrate Christmas and own a cat, you know how chaotic things can get. Many can recall finally putting the final decorations on the Christmas tree, only to have the family cat knock the whole thing over.

It’s such a common problem that many people go out of their way to “cat-proof” their trees:

Not this year!

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But it turns out, not all cats are sworn enemies of Christmas trees… some even love them.

Like one old cat, who loves her Christmas tree so much that her family decided to give her one to have year-round.

Luna is a 17-year-old cat who, in her old age, has seen many Christmases. She always makes the most of the holiday season by spending time around the tree, enamored by its beautiful colored lights.

“[She’s] always hanging around the tree, and curious about the decorations,” Shawn Meyer, Luna’s owner, told The Dodo. “She doesn’t ever attack the tree.”


The only part she doesn’t like: when Christmas is over. Luna watched disappointedly as her owners packed up her beloved lights for another year: “She would stare at us as we put them away like she was wondering why we had to do it,” Shawn said.

But after seeing how attached their cat was to the lights, her owners wondered if there was a way to make it Christmas all year round.

Then, they came up with a great idea: Luna already had her own cat tree, and realized it would be perfect for some curtain lights they had received as a gift.

After some quick installation, they made a perfect Christmas tree for Luna:

Facebook/Shawn Meyer

Luna woke up to the lit-up tree as a surprise, and it quickly became her favorite thing.

“She is deaf, so she slept through the whole installation of the new lights,” Shawn told The Dodo. “So it really was a surprise to her. And she looked quite pleased!” 

It’s a very sweet thing to do for an old cat, making her golden years as great as possible. Of course, in her old age, it also can’t be taken for granted that she’ll have another Christmas, so it’s also a way to make sure she’ll still get to see her lights whenever she wants.

“It’s every bit of happiness and comfort we could think to give her, and she basically lives in the tree now.”

Facebook/Shawn Meyer

The whole experience was magical, and when he shared his story on Facebook, he turned it into a story about magical fairies granting the cat’s wish for a “happily ever after,” a tale he’s working on turning into a kid’s book:

It was the week after her 17th Christmas, so she knew from experience the lights would have to go away for awhile again. This made her a little sad, as she didn’t know if she would have an 18th Christmas. She wished they could stay all year.

Unbeknownst to her, some fairies outside the window heard the old cat’s wish. Moved by her delight in such a simple thing, they waited until she was sleeping, and touched the tree. It began to twinkle with magical colorful lights.

When the old cat awoke, she was dazzled by the lights’ beauty. She knew these were different from the usual Christmas lights. She knew they were here to stay.

And so, for the rest of her days, every day was Christmas for the beautiful old cat. And she lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little cat who loved Christmas. She was quite old for a cat, so she had seen…

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What a great idea! We hope Luna enjoys the magic of Christmas year-round and for the rest of her days.

Thank you to these owners for looking out for their old pet in such a magical way! Share this beautiful story!