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She Hears A Noise Outside Her Window. When She Sees What’s In The Bush, Her Heart Jumps.

Ripley the kitten was just a few hours old when she was abandoned by her mother. Unfortunately, there are too many homeless cats in the world, and kittens born to homeless moms don’t have an easy start to life. Sometimes, the mother is still young and isn’t ready to have kittens. Other times, the mother is sick, malnourished, or injured and can’t take care of her kittens. No one knows why Ripley’s mom abandoned her litter. But one thing is for sure: her kittens wouldn’t have survived long if they hadn’t been found.

Imgur user Arthisbeapirate heard kittens outside her window, so she enlisted the help of a neighbor and went out to look. They found three newborn kittens huddled close together behind a shrub, and a short distance away was a fourth. That kitten would later be called Ripley.

ripley 1
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Ripley and her siblings were immediately taken to a veterinarian for checkups and care. They were all malnourished and dehydrated, meaning their mother probably left them right after birth.

ripley 2
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Unfortunately, one kitten died shortly after they were rescued, and a few days later, two more passed. Finally, only Ripley was left.

ripley 3
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But Ripley was strong. She grew with each passing day, and her human mom felt confident that she would survive. Only when she dared to take Ripley into her heart did the kitten become real. And it was at this point that Ripley’s mom named her and decided that she was her cat.

Ripley’s owner soon saw a cat outside her house that she suspected was Ripley’s mother. She made a few attempts to reunite the two, but the adult cat had no interest in Ripley.

ripley 4
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Now it’s been a year since Ripley was rescued, and she’s grown up to become a gorgeous girl.

ripley 5
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She’s healthy and living the dream life with her mom. Obviously, she makes a lot of mischief at home too, as cats do.

ripley 6
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Unfortunately, not all cats born on the street are as lucky as Ripley. Share this article with your friends if you also think that all cats deserve a home!

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