She Just Gave Birth To Several Puppies. But Check Out What Dad Does… So Sweet!

There are people out there who claim that only humans can show strong emotions like love and happiness. But those people are wrong, and this video proves it without a doubt. A mom has just given birth to several puppies. She’s completely exhausted and lying on the floor while her puppies try to get a little milk from her. So her mate, who’s lying her right next to her, does everything he can to make his beloved feel good… He gently licks and kisses her face to make her feel safe and comfortable. I can’t help but think that this loving gesture has a calming effect on the new mom. And she seems fully aware that her hubby is there to protect her and the puppies. This video beautifully shows the love that these two dogs have for each other. Watch it and then share it with your friends!

How sweet of this dad! It really shows he loves the mother of his children above all else. Please share this adorable clip with your friends!

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