She Stayed By Her Friend For A Whole Week. Now Her Loyalty Is Taking The Net By Storm.

Anyone owning a pet knows that imagining losing them is a real nightmare. For one Seattle, USA family, the nightmare became reality when their two beloved pets suddenly disappeared. But thanks to one of the furry creature’s heroic act, the story would end well for both.

When dogs Phoebe and Tillie suddenly disappeared, the Vashon Island Pet Protectors animal rescue organization in Seattle posted a desperate ad on Facebook, where they asked for the public’s help to locate the missing dogs who had been away for five days.

Photo: Vashon Island Pet Protectors (Facebook)

Two days later, a person reported seing a ‘reddish’ looking dog matching Tillies’ description near their house. The dog had appeared briefly, but quickly ran back away into the woods.

Organization representatives and volunteers promptly arrived at the scene and began calling Tillies’ name in the hope that it was indeed she who had been present there.

Pretty soon, they heard the faint sound of a dog barking back.

When they reached the spot where Tillie was, they saw something remarkable.

Photo: Vashon Island Pet Protectors (Facebook)

Tillie was sitting and peering down by the edge of an old cistern. And down in the cistern sat, Phoebe, unable to get up.

For close to a week, Tillie loyally kept watch at Phoebe’s side, except during the brief moments when she was running off and seeking help.

Photo: Vashon Island Pet Protectors (Facebook)

The dogs were rescued and reunited with their owners, and are now back in top shape.

Little could anyone expect that Hillie would become an overnight sensation. She is being hailed across social media for her selfless, heroic compassion and managing to bring help forth to save them both.

I certainly agree with her fame 🙂 She is indeed a furry hero, and I hope that both she and Phoebe do not have to ever experience something like that ever again!

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