She Was Buried Alive On A Schoolyard. But When Rescued, Everything Changes. Now Thousands Want To Improve Animal Rights In South Africa.

Lily was one of many stray dogs in Capetown, South Africa. She survived on scraps she found on the streets, but because her hind legs were paralyzed, she struggled more than other dogs. When I first read about Lily, I literally started to cry. No animal should have to live like this. But fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

Lily was one of many stray dogs in Capetown, South Africa. She survived on scraps she found on the streets, but because her hind legs were paralyzed she struggled even more than other strays.

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One day she was in the schoolyard of Luhzlaza Secondary School, begging for food from students. She was barking and looking for attention so the principal of the school got irritated. He asked two janitors to “get rid of the dog” and bury her. So, they did as they were told and buried Lily alive, right behind the schoolyard.

Luckily, the kitchen staff saw what was happening and contacted the Mdzanada Animal Clinic, an organization that works to help vulnerable animals in South Africa.

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Within 20 minutes, rescue personnel arrived at the scene and dug Lily out.

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They took her to an animal hospital to examine her. Lily was finally safe!

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The examination showed that her paralyzed hind legs were due to an older injury she’d suffered to her spine. Lily underwent various treatments to improve the mobility in her legs and help her to be able to urinate, something she’d had problems with as well.

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Gradually, Lily became stronger and could use her legs again.

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Lily’s story went viral and soon enough people were sending greetings as well as financial contributions to support her cause. At last, she was strong enough to move into a secure home.

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Lily ended up in the home of journalist Helen Walne, who works tirelessly to improve animal welfare in South Africa. So you can really call their union a match made in heaven!

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Lily’s story has really made a difference in South Africa and has increased the willingness among people in the country to help stray dogs and their dire situations.

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And now, Lily’s eyes are filled with happiness once again. And after a lot of practice she can fully use her hind legs.

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It has now been several years since Lily was rescued from that hole outside the school. The janitors have both been convicted of animal cruelty and the headmaster has been ordered to implement an animal welfare program at the school to raise awareness of vulnerable animals among students.

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It’s just amazing to see how well Lily is doing today. She has inspired thousands of people with her story and encouraged people to get involved with animals in South Africa. One of the janitor’s regrets what he did to Lily so much he has started to work for the Mdzananda Animal Clinic to help other poor animals!

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