Shelter shaves 5 lbs of fur off of street dog and gives him the transformation he deserves

Shelter shaves 5 lbs of fur off of street dog and gives him the transformation he deserves

There are many wonderful examples of people getting makeovers or going through incredible transformations.

At their best, radical changes in appearance or style can contribute to increased confidence and higher self-esteem.

But who says only humans deserve to be pampered and given a chance to shine?

When 4-year-old Chow Chow Harry was rescued by the Kansas City Pet Project back in July 2015, he looked more like a lion than a dog.

His fur was matted and was as much as six inches (15cm) thick in places. It also completely covered his eyes, leaving Harry effectively blind.

And worse, Harry was missing most of his nose as a result of living a tough life on the streets.

Fortunately, the good people at the Kansas City Pet Project refused to let Harry suffer any longer and made sure that he got the grooming he deserved.

It took the animal advocates 2 1/2 hours to trim an incredible five pounds (2.2kg) of fur off of Harry. The results? Now, everyone was able to see Harry’s inner beauty.

Check out Harry’s amazing transformation below:

After his makeover, Harry was taken in by a kind foster family and enjoyed a couple of months getting the love and care he deserved. Harry passed away on August 19, 2015 in the presence of his foster family and the Kansas City Pet Project staff.

Although Harry wasn’t able to pull through, I’d still like to applaud the heroes who took him in and gave him joy at the end of his life.

Not every animal regains their strength or lives out a long life after being rescued, but I’m grateful for the efforts of those who try to transform the lives of the neediest cases!

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