Shelter takes its dogs out for “Puppuccinos” to help them get adopted

For a dog, life in a shelter is surely better than what came before. But no matter how kind the shelter’s staff members are, they can’t replace the love that a family can give.

With this in mind, shelters are always looking for new ways to connect their dogs with loving homes. And recently, a shelter in Washington state came up with an idea that’s making the wait for a new forever home just a little bit sweeter…

Back in April, the Kitsap Humane Society established its Puppuccino Pals program, and its shelters dogs couldn’t be happier.

Every Tuesday, a volunteer brings one of the resident pups on a field trip to the local Starbucks for a “Puppuccino,” or a small cupful of whipped cream.

But the idea is about more than just getting out the dogs of the shelter and giving them a tasty treat. It’s also a chance for the public to meet the dogs and remind them of all of the wonderful animals in need of good homes.

“The dogs love the shelter breaks, and they adore the Puppuccinos. You can see it in their little eyes as they lick the whipped cream out of the cup,” Kimberly Cizek Allen, events and outreach assistant coordinator at the Kitsap Humane Society, told The Dodo.

Starbucks puts up a poster featuring the Puppuccino Pal of the week so its customers have the chance to adopt the lovable dogs. And the shelter also posts the dogs on its Instagram account to give them an even better chance of being adopted quickly.

What a great way for the dogs to get a break from shelter life and connect with potential new owners! Follow the Puppuccino Pals on Instagram. New photos are posted every Tuesday.

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