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She’s Without One Foot And He’s Missing One Pad. But When They Find Each Other It’s The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship.

A little girl with amputated feet has found a new friend – a puppy who’s missing one pad. What a cute story!  

When 3-Year-Old Sapphyre Johnson from Tennessee was born she had no fingers and feet. She has gone through several surgeries and now uses a prosthesis to be able to walk. She has been treated at the Shriners Hospital in Greenville from three years of age.



Nine weeks ago, the dog breeder Karen Riddle discovered that one of her newborn puppies was missing one pad. She got the advice to put him to rest – but that was out of the question. Instead, she started to think about something else. Who would like to have a dog who was missing one pad? Maybe she could find someone in the same situation?

She contacted Shriners Hospital and asked if they knew someone who was amputated and would be interested in a dog. The hospital told her about Sapphyre Johnson.

Sapphyre saw a picture of the puppy, now named Dan, and she went: “That’s my puppy. He looks just like me!”



And so it was. This Monday, Sapphyre and Dan met for the first time. In a heartbeat, they became best friends.

– We told Sapphyre to show her leg for the puppy and immediately she threw the prosthesis away to show. And when she did, Dan put up his pad too, Karen Riddle told ABC News.



Down below, you can see a tv segment about Sapphyre and Dan.


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