Small Terrier Is Miraculously Rescued In The Middle Of The Sea.

It was a wonderful sunny day at sea. The caressing breeze made it the perfect time for boating in the Gulf of Mexico. Two couples decided to do exactly that. They prepared to celebrate two of their birthdays and enjoy a nice time out at sea. Suddenly, 5 miles deep into the sea, one of the boaters, Bruce Knecht, spotted something in the water. As they got closer, they realized what it was. Their jaws dropped as they saw the most unexpected creature fighting for its life. Read the full story below.

A small terrier was barely floating, wearing a small animal life vest. The poor animal weighed a mere 15 pounds, and was about 15 inches long. Luckily the couples were close enough to see it.

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The couples took the dog to the nearest coast guard station. A few minutes later, the owner rushed in crying and screaming the dog’s name “Jägermeister”. He explained how he’d lost his friend while he was checking something down at the boat. When he came back up, he found him gone.

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The Gulf of Mexico is large, covering 618,000 miles, which makes this rescue even more incredible. Thanks to the orange life jacket that the dog had on, and these remarkable people, the dog survived.

If the dog hadn’t had this life jacket on, he may not have been spotted by the two couples, which highlights how important these small life jackets are, so make sure you put your beloved pet in one before you head out on a similar trip.

I think the most remarkable part about this story is how sometimes it’s the smallest details that could save lives!

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